Clancy Medical Group Medical Industry Case Study

Case Study: Clancy Medical Group

How Phoenix Online Media helped a budding medical practice dominate the competition on Google and more than quintuple phone calls originating from web searches.

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Clancy Medical Group is a family practice serving patients aged 6 to 106. Husband and wife doctors John and Tara Clancy believe in a whole body, holistic approach to health and wellness

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The Doctors Clancy had three goals:

  1. Bring more people onto their website
  2. Outrank competitors on strategic keywords
  3. Convert site visitors to new patients
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The main challenge was that this client had very little web presence, something quite unusual for any doctor. Our team decided to treat this as a positive – we had a blank slate on which to build.

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Through our work, Clancy Medical Group:

  1. Increased site traffic by 2,665.6%
  2. Outranked every competitor on each strategic keyword
  3. Increased phone calls originating from the website by 573.3%

Our SEO Strategy

When Clancy Medical Group signed with Phoenix Online Media, their site generated only a few dozen hits each month. Of course, it was a bare bones site – just Home and Contact pages – but it was also a living, breathing example of what not to do in terms of SEO.

Our team got busy building the structure to support our SEO efforts. Correcting NAP across the Internet. Designing and building a new site. Writing every word of content. Establishing keywords and connecting to Google Analytics. Starting and building a blog. It was a lot of work, but seeing results as quickly as we did was more than an ego boost. It also let us know we were doing right by our client and helping patients find the care they needed.

KPI (Key Performance Indicator) 1: Increase Website Trafficwebsite sessions graph showing improvements

KPI 2: Outrank Competitors on Strategic Keywords

Average Listing Position Comparison with Competitors – Clancy Medical Group

rank comparisons with competitors

Website Visibility Comparison with Competitors – Clancy Medical Group

Website visibility compared with competitors
Clancy chose six keywords it wanted to dominate on Google, then gave us the names of their top four competitors. We built a local SEO strategy around those keywords. By the six-month mark, Clancy outranked every one of their competitors for their strategic keywords.

KPI 3: Increase New Patient Leads from Online

Google My Business Actions – Clancy Medical Group

Google My Business Conversion Actions Graph
At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many people view your site or online profiles if they don’t convert. That’s why our focus for Clancy was on local SEO. Sure, it’s fun to think people across the country are reading your latest blog post or checking out your bio, but what are the odds they’ll come to you for healthcare?

Since our goal was helping Clancy find new patients, each strategy we implemented was designed to bring in relevant traffic. That’s how we earned our client an average conversion rate of 22.86%.

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