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Are you a small to medium business in need of an eye-catching, professionally designed website? Maybe you have one, but it fails to bring in the number of visitors and phone calls you know is possible...

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Digital Marketing Services

With over 10 years' experience in web design/development and search engine marketing, the team at Phoenix Online Media has extensive knowledge and expertise, plus an intuitive understanding of the customer journey. We provide scalable strategies designed to address your most pressing business challenges, including branding, industry research, customer analytics, SEM, SEO, Local SEO, content marketing, social media, email and campaign management, and website design & development.

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  • Website Design & Development Services
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    Website Design & Development
    Be Original! Custom, one-of-a-kind SEO-optimized websites that render perfectly across any screen or device.
  • Search Engine Optimization Services
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    Search Engine Optimization
    Be Found! Improve both the volume and quality of traffic to your website with intelligent, proven methodologies.
  • Reliable Website Design & Digital Marketing Services
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    Reputation Management
    Be Trusted! Repair, protect, and/or improve your brand's online reputation with an individualized ORM plan.
  • local seo services
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    Local Search Engine Optimization
    Get More Calls! Proven methods to rank your website in specific local markets with the highest conversion rates.
  • Social Media Marketing Services
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    Social Media Marketing
    Engage! Reach new customers, engage with your existing followers, and promote your brand across appropriate SM channels.
  • PPC Advertising Services
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    Pay-Per-Click Advertising
    Get Results! Increase traffic and sales with an expertly designed, scalable campaign that delivers immediate results.

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Case Studies - Some Recent Digital Marketing Results

We tailor our online marketing strategies to the unique needs of your audience and brand objectives. With the right digital marketing approach, you get better conversion rates, better user engagement, and an overall boost in ROI. Here are a few of our success stories:

az-bbq-logoArizona BBQ Company - From Startup to a Thriving Business in Less Than a Year!

Arizona BBQ Company is the vision of entrepreneurs Mark and Collette Nichols and it went from startup to trend-setting restaurant in under 12 months. Backed up by great food, ambitious owners, and an intelligent digital marketing strategy, Arizona BBQ Company continues to attract more happy loyal customers and grow their restaurant business.


As with any startup, the main challenge was getting the word out and building a recognizable brand as quickly as possible to bring traffic into the restaurant.

  1. Website - Build a website the displays the client's delicious menu options on any device, including big screen, PC, laptop, tablet, and mobile.
  2. Social Media - Build loyal followings on Facebook and Instagram with high engagement on posts and announcements.
  3. PR - Get the client in the media!
  4. Reputation Management - Build a popular, recognizable brand with positive online reviews and sentiment.
  5. SEO - Be found and look good online. The goal was to land in the top 3 search results for "best bbq in Arizona."
  1. Website - Arizona BBQ Company's website looks fabulous and renders beautifully across all screen sizes, earning the client numerous compliments. The latest addition is online ordering!
  2. Social Media - The social media campaign was a success, from 0 followers to over 1,300 – all gained organically – over the course of 9 months. The client continues to average 100+ new followers each month.
  3. PR - The PR campaign was a success, gaining television news coverage as well as local and national publications.
    FOX 10 News
    Phoenix New Times
    ABC 15 News
  4. Reputation Management - Arizona BBQ Company has over 260 online reviews with a 4.7 average rating.
  5. SEO - Consistently ranks in the map pack and page 1 for the most relevant keywords that bring in business. Website traffic averages 500+ visitors per month, gaining call-in and online orders, as well as providing directions for visits to the physical location.

    And yes, at the time of this writing, comes up #1 in the map pack for "best bbq in Arizona" and on page one. Success!

(Read Website and SEO Services for Phoenix BBQ Restaurant review by Colette Nichols on Clutch)

Arizona BBQ Company Website on different devices

AZ BBQ Company's website renders beautifully across all devices bringing in call-in orders, online orders, and of course visitors to the physical location.

Arizona BBQ Company Website on different devices

Page followers went from 0 to 1,328 in 9 months and continues to grow on average 100 per month.

Earned media coverage with an effective PR strategy gaining local and even national exposure.

Arizona BBQ Company Website on different devices

Restaurant & Location Based Business Marketing

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Digital Marketing For Attorneys and Legal Professionals

We tailor our internet marketing campaigns to meet the unique needs of your audience and brand objectives. With the right digital marketing approach, you enjoy improved conversion rates, better user engagement, and an overall boost in ROI. Here are a few examples:

edwards and petersen attorneysEdwards & Petersen, PLC - Competing in 3 Different Law Service Categories

Attorneys Joshua Edwards and Brian Petersen opened their law practice, Edwards & Petersen, PLC, in 2013. Their mission was to provide each client an individualized approach to their unique legal situation to deliver the best results possible. Both Mr. Edwards and Mr. Petersen are well-recognized in their field, with many accreditations and awards supporting their expertise, but their credentials did not seem to be enough. They needed their law office to show up in search results and that just didn't seem to be happening.

Today, thanks to a strategic, results-focused digital marketing campaign, Edwards & Petersen generates three to five leads each week courtesy of their online presence. And, their site is a respected legal resource for other attorneys and online searches, with comprehensive information on sentencing guidelines, DUI, and questions of family law.


To gain online visibility in the highly competitive legal industry.

  1. Website - Update the current website to a more modern, professional looking site built on a solid SEO foundation with conversion in mind.
  2. Online Directories - Increase Local SEO relevance by developing profiles on reputable directories, including general and niche-specific.
  3. Content - Create useful resources that provide solutions and answer common questions relating to the legal services the client provides.
  4. Reputation Management - Build an online presence that magnifies the client's accomplishments and credibility to elevate them above their competitors.
  5. SEO - Implement both offsite and onsite search engine optimization strategies that result in measurable improvements, including keyword rankings, click-through rates, and conversions.
  1. Website - The updated, modernized website demonstrates trust and credibility. The client's message is clear, and the law firm's experience and expertise displays attractively on any device or screen size.
  2. Online Directories - Both Joshua Edwards and Brian Petersen are visible on hundreds of directories, including their contact information, links to their website, and NAP information consistent across the Internet.
  3. Content - The Edwards & Petersen site now has many useful legal resource pages, but three in particular that individually come up as answer boxes for multiple queries to bring in thousands of website visits each month.
  4. Reputation Management - Both Mr. Edwards and Mr. Petersen have stellar reputations and are highly visible online.
  5. SEO - Edwards & Petersen's organic site traffic continues to grow at an average rate of 19 percent increase in users, 22 percent increase in sessions, and page-one ranking for a dozen highly relevant keywords.

(Read SEO Strategy for Legal Firm review by Brian Petersen on Clutch)

Arizona BBQ Company Website on different devices

A modern and professional looking website that demonstrates credibility and trust rendering perfectly across all screen sizes and devices.

  • az dui statistics search result page
  • arizona divorce groups search result page
  • arizona sentencing guidelines search result page

By building helpful resource pages we were able to gain 3 answer box positions as well as page 1 first result for each resource page in each category.

Arizona BBQ Company Website on different devices

Organic traffic accounts for over 80% of traffic. Website traffic continues to grow month over month.

Attorney & Law Industry Professionals Marketing

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