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What Is Local Social Media Marketing?

Local social media marketing focuses only on the relevant geographic area to help brick and mortar businesses connect with their customers and build brand awareness.
Local Social Media Marketing

Reach the people that matter most to your business by focusing on Social Media Marketing in your state, city, town, or geographical area.

Why Local?

Although the basic benefits of social media marketing are the same – build customer relationships, get your brand in front of new people, increase site and store traffic – the local focus is an important difference.

Local social media marketing is highly targeted to help you reach your ideal audience. That's why local is so much more effective; it delivers your message to the exact people you want to see it. Local social media is also more cost-efficient. Think of it as the difference between airing your commercial on a local station versus national TV exposure. Sure, you may catch some eyes three states away, but how likely are they to become your customer?

Social Media Marketing Geographically Targeted

Social Media Marketing Geographically Targeted

3 Main Benefits of Local Social Media Marketing

Targeted social media marketing

1) Highly Targeted

Your message reaches only people who live or work in your community, helping grow brand awareness where it counts the most: Your backyard.

Cost benefits of local social media marketing

2) Cost Effective

Local-based marketing helps small businesses compete in a big box world. You get to deliver your post or ad to the exact people you want to see it.

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3) More Engagement

People are more likely to engage with a brand they recognize from their community. They're also more likely to share your message with other locals.

Examples of Local Social Media Marketing

To help you connect with social users in your area, we employ a variety of marketing tactics. Some of these include:

Local Giveaways, & Contests:

For the price of dinner for two, you can generate dozens of page likes – and at least as many shares – and get your brand in front of a whole new local audience.

Facebook Contest

Surveys & Polls

This isn't as daunting as it sounds and it offers incredible insights into your client base. We recommend you ask simple questions but focus future efforts on those who gave longer responses. Why? Because they're likely your ideal customer.

An example of a Social Media Marketing survey used as a lead capture on Facebook

Encourage Checkins

Let your customers do the hard work for you by encouraging them to check in whenever they visit your business or practice. Every time they tag you in their posts, it's free advertising for you! Don't forget to respond to those messages; it's that little bit extra that goes a long way toward building customer loyalty.

example of a check-in with the Yelp app

Social Media Videos

Video is the easiest way to engage your audience quickly and keep them engaged. Virtual tours, how-to, Q&A sessions – the options are infinite! And with today's technology, it's easier than ever before.

An example of a social media video used for Facebook and Instagram marketing

Our Local Social Media Marketing Process

Our Local Social Media Marketing Process is designed to create brand awareness in your local market and turn fans into loyal followers.

Social Media Marketing for Local Businesses

Target your ideal consumer with social media strategies focused on your local market.

Our Social Media Marketing and management services are performed with the same high ethical standards we hold ourselves to; Integrity, Accountability, and Transparency. We don't believe in short cuts or shady tactics. We do believe in long term relationships and results based on only high quality deliverables, intelligent strategies, and hard work.

Below is a general look into our process. Every business is unique and receives an individualized campaign, but the following deliverables are included for all.

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If you have any questions or comments regarding Local Social Media Marketing, don't hesitate to give us a call!

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