SEO is the key to online success.

SEO – Just Being On the Web Is Not Enough

For most small businesses, simply being online is an achievement and is deemed “enough” when it comes to marketing. In reality, almost everyone is online now, and with hundreds of millions of websites and tens of thousands of competing businesses, you need to stand out.

The Truth About the Internet

Simply being online is no longer good enough. You need to develop an actual strategy that involves a lot more than having a simple website and a Facebook page that virtually no one visits! An incredible number of small businesses are guilty of spending money on being online without any idea as to what that really involves. Customers don’t blindly make purchases from you because your business is online since they have an extraordinary range of choice. Businesses with a poor Internet marketing strategy actually lose money and customers because they look outdated and cheap, and they lack authority.

Why SEO Matters

Have you ever wondered why certain websites get thousands of visitors a day while other websites get only a handful? It has less to do with the quality of the website (the low-ranking sites could actually have better information and products or services) and more to do with SEO. Experts suggest that websites ranked on page 1 of Google receive almost 60 percent more visitors than sites ranked on page 2.

When people use search engines, they are typically seeking a solution to a problem. The answer is almost always “found” on the first page of Google, and when it isn’t, most people try another keyword instead of searching the lower-ranked pages of the search engine. If you want to be seen as having the solution to peoples’ problems instead of being an irrelevance, SEO matters!

Bring In the Experts

While it can cost thousands of dollars a year to use an SEO expert, the increase in revenue received far outweighs your initial expenditure. Here are a few reasons to leave search engine optimization to experts in the field:

  • Professionals use special tools to analyze websites for keywords, as choosing the right phrases is arguably the most crucial element of SEO. Too many businesses make the mistake of spending a fortune trying to rank for a weak keyword that doesn’t really achieve anything.
  • If you try DIY SEO, you’ll find it takes months or even years to analyze the potential of your website effectively. By that stage, your rivals will be so far ahead that it will be almost impossible to catch them. SEO experts can get your site in great shape in rapid time and help you climb the rankings in a flash. Every month you operate without an SEO expert equates to thousands of dollars in lost revenue.
  • Those who go down the DIY route often make mistakes and end up black-listed. Artificially enhancing your ranking via black-hat SEO is a disaster waiting to happen. You will be caught, and a ban will erase you from SEO rankings altogether while also doing irreparable damage to your reputation.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking an online presence alone is enough to be a success. This ensures you remain a needle in a haystack; use the assistance of our Phoenix and Mesa SEO experts here at Phoenix Online Media to become as visible as the haystack!