domain name for sale for $20 Million

Got an Extra $20 Million? Is Up for Grabs!

One of the world’s most coveted domain names,, is for sale. The asking price? $20 million. Buyers have until January 29, 2018, to close the deal. If no sale is made, the bidding war begins on January 30, during the NamesCon live auction.

Digital marketing firms would love to give one of their igaming clients the search engine optimization advantage of the URL, which is currently being offered by NameJet, a domain auction company, and RightOfTheDot, the Internet and domain consultancy firm. Although other gambling domains are also on the sales rack, including ($5m) and ($30k), is the grand prize.

Since 1999, Inc. has had a 99-year lease to the worldwide rights of There were rumors of a sale back in 2007, but there’s never been any confirmation that a sale actually took place.

Although other gambling domains sold for big bucks – $5.5m each for and – nothing has come close to the $20m price tag currently wears. Although, even if sells at full price, it’s still less than two-thirds of the $35.6m paid for in 2010, which is thought to be the priciest domain name in Internet history.

Of course, it could be said that insurance is just another form of gambling, you’re just betting that you’ll lose while the house bets you’ll win.

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