Google Local Guide New Point System and Badges

Google Local Guides: Updated Point System

Google Local Guides on Google Maps gives you the power to influence how millions of people decide where to buy, where to eat, and where to stay. You can review a business, post photos, answer questions posed by other Google users, and even add and edit places on Google Maps. Every time you contribute, Google awards you points. As your points add up, you reach higher levels of the program, earning badges, early access to new Google features, and special perks from Google and its partners.

New 10-Level Point System

Google Local Guides Level Up
With its new 10-level point system, Google demonstrates a thorough knowledge of the gamer mindset. It’s a lot more fun to upload that photo, update that map, or submit that review when Google’s awarding you points and achievement badges for your efforts. Of course, you get more than bragging rights. For example, Level 2 is when you begin enjoying early access to Google’s new features, and at Level 4 you begin receiving hefty discounts on Google Play Movie rentals and Google Play Music subscriptions.

Google Local Guides Point System, Levels, and Badges Cheat Sheet

Google Local Guide Levels, Points, and Badges

More About Local Guide Updates

In this video from Google, the “higher impact” reward point system is introduced. The original Local Guide point system would award one point for each contribution, whether that was posting a review, uploading a photo to maps, answering a question, submitting an accepted Google Maps edit, adding a place to Google Maps, or fact checking.
The Local Guides community spoke out. Now a different number of points is awarded depending on the contribution. More points are given for higher impacting contributions. For example, writing a review is now worth five points versus just leaving a rating which is one point. In the original point system, both were worth one point. Watch the following video to learn more about the updated point system, and to see which contributions are now considered higher impact:


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